Temperature controllers

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  • GIC PR69 Series, model: 151A12B
    The GIC 151A12B is a premium range temperature controller with autotuning and PID control.
    This controller is single acting meaning that only one output relay can work at a time.
    The unit has three outputs, two are mechanical relays and the third is a 12 VDC, 24 mA output to control an external solid-state relay that has a 3 to 36 VDC input.
    Sensor types that connect to the controller are thermocouple: J, K, E, S, B, R or RTD PT100 3 wire sensor.
    This controller can also connect to an analog input: i.e. (0-50 mV, 0-60 mV, 12-60mV).

    There is more data on the specifications tab below.
  • Rex C100 - model: XMTG-9411
    A basic level temperature controller with pid control adjustment and a single mechanical relay for process control output.
    Additionally there are screw terminals on the back to connect the "upper limit output alarm".
    The XMTG-9411 has been setup in the factory to work with a type k thermocouple sensor.
    Size 48 x 48mm, 110mm long
    Supply voltage: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60 Hz.

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