HC10 temperature control module

HC10 temperature control module

System Cal has developed an all-in-one temperature control module suitable for use in both heating and cooling applications, aptly named the HC10.

The setup process for the HC10 is straightforward. Initially, the module is positioned between a mains power wall outlet and the respective refrigerator or heating cabinet requiring temperature regulation.

Subsequently, the refrigerator or heating cabinet's mains AC line is directly connected to the 3-pin socket situated on the rear of the HC10. A temperature probe, integral to the HC10, is then placed within the environment slated for temperature control. Following this, the desired temperature settings are programmed into the HC10 controller unit, initiating the control process. Fine-tuning of the process is achievable by adjusting the HC10 as necessary. It's worth noting that the HC10 boasts a maximum voltage output limit of 240 VAC at 10 Amps.

The versatility of the HC10 extends across various domains, including:

1. Health facility applications, such as vaccine refrigerators and incubators.
2. Home brewing for maintaining fermentation temperatures.
3. Horticulture, particularly in seed germination and plant heat mat utilization.

For health providers, industries, or hobbyists in need of a dependable temperature control solution, the HC10 emerges as a prudent selection.

Posted: Sunday 11 February 2024

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